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Diagram of Biomass Gasifcation Integrated System

1. Utilization of Charcoal

  A. Straw charcoal,Rice Husk Charcoal

  1kg straw charcoal contain 53g k,4.3g N,2.6g p,0.15g copper,0.58 Iron,0.11g zinc .specific surface are is 71~220m2/g. Straw charcoal can mixed with biomass liquid ,N/P/K compund fertilizer to produce bio-char based compund fertilizer,which has abundant nutritent element demanded by cropper and has a sustained release effect on water and fertilzer. Even it can improve the soil quality ,relief heavy metal pollution. 


Straw Charcoal Based Compound Fertilizer


Test Field of Using Straw charcoal Based Compound Fertilizer

B. Wood(bamboo) charcoal, fruit shell charcoal

 Wood(bamboo) charcoal, fruit shell charcoal contain 80~85% carbon,which can be refined to be activated carbon by phsyical method. Wood(bamboo) charcoal can be produced to be machine made charcoal. 


Wood Charcoal                     Machine-Made Carbon



wood Activated Carbon                                      Fruit Shell Activated Carbon

C. Rice husk charcoal

Rice husk charcoal contain 45~50% carbon, which can be produced to be biochar based fertilizer,or it can be insulation material sold for steel mill. 


Rice Husk Charcoal

2.Utilization of Biomass Liquid

 The biomass Liquid is one liquid products which contain more than 100 kinds of chemical composition like acids, esters,aldehydes,phenols and so on. 

Available content is 8~10%,PH:3 

A. Sterilization,Disinfection,Deodorant

   Biomass  Liquid  is an efficient agents of sterilization,disinfection, deodorization.

   it is suitable to be used in chicken farm.  avoid chicken ill and deodorization


Sterilization,Disinfection,Deodorant for Hog Farm     Sterilization,Disinfection,Deodorant for Chicken Farm

b.biomass Liquid can be mixed with straw charcoal to produce bio-char  compund fertilizer ,wich can improve soil and disinfection to have cropper grow well

c. Biomass Liquid can be Pesticide adjuvants.spray to plants, it can help improve harvest and improve the quality .


 the effect difference of fruit by using different density of biomass liquid


 the effect difference of chilli by using different density of biomass liquid

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