Diagram 1: Biomass Downdraft Fixedbed Gasification Integrated Plant

1.Biomass : rice husk/ fruit hulls


 2.1 Power

The biomass is fed into gasifier to be converted to Syngas,the Syngas is cooled and cleaned by cleaning system. then the Syngas is piped to internal combustion gen-set  to output power .

 2.2 Bio-char

  a.Rice husk charcoal

The carbon content in rice husk charcoal is 45%~50%. The charcoal can be use to produce bio char based fertilizer .or ,it can be insulation material of steel mill.

b.Fruit Hulls Charcoal

The carbon content in fruit hulls charcoal is 80~85%. It can be produced to activated carbon through physical method.

2.3Extracted Liquid

In the process of cooling and cleaning ,the extracted liquid from the Syngas mix with circulation water . The plant run constantly , gradually,the density of liquid is increased constantly . When the density reach the point of selling , it is sold to the fertilizer factory to produce foliar fertilizer  


The Syngas from gasifier can be used to burn boiler , furnace ,kilns to produce steam or supply thermal for kilns. The exhaust from engine is 550℃, it can be used to supply steam , hot water or for drying ,chilling .


The Syngas after cooling and cleaning can be used directly by residents




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