The cooperation project between China and South Korea, initiating meeting and implementation plan argumentation meeting was held in Hefei.

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The national key point research and development plan-industrial technology research and development cooperation projects between China and South Korea-“Key technology and demonstration of Distributed CHP from biomass gasification-fluidized bed electrode SOFC system”project initiating meeting and implementation plan argumentation meeting ,organized by the project lead company Hefei Debo Bioenergy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.was held on May 7th,2021.

Experts including Chinese Academy of Engineering,Academician Mr.Yong Chen and Academician Mr.Jianchun Jiang. Mr.Wenjun Dong,the director of Foreign Cooperation Department of Anhui Science and Technology Department,and relevant leaders of Hefei Science and Technology Bureau and Hefei High&New Technology District Management Committee.and some experts from universities attended the meeting,such as Southeast University, University of science and technology of China, Hefei University of technology, Anhui University of technology. Relevant experts from Korea Energy Technology Research Institute, Yangbiao Industry Co., Ltd., Yonsei University and Koryo university attended the meeting in the form of video conference.


The meeting was presided over by Mr. Shoujun Zhang, chairman of Debo company. The leaders of South Korea's leading company, Yangbiao Industry Co., Ltd., Anhui Provincial Department of science and technology and Hefei Municipal Bureau of science and technology, made speeches respectively, and appointed experts as project consulting experts.


The project leader of Debo company made a detailed report on the overall technical route, research methods, specific implementation scheme, expected results, difficulties and risk control of the Distributed CHP from biomass gasification-fluidized bed electrode SOFC system; Representatives from Southeast University and South Korea respectively reported the implementation plan of the sub projects they undertook. The experts attending the meeting listened to the project report carefully, affirmed the early scientific and technological accumulation of Debo company and the preparation work for the project, and put forward practical suggestions and opinions on the specific implementation scheme of the project.


Mr.Shoujun Zhang, chairman of the board of directors, said that Debo will make every effort to promote the implementation of the project from the aspects of personnel organization and fund matching, and strive to realize the industrialization of biomass hydrogen production and fuel cell power generation projects as soon as possible; Taking this project as the starting point, the research and development highland of biomass hydrogen production and fuel cell research and application will be built to win glory for the provincial and municipal governments and make the biomass energy industry prosperous; It is hoped that all experts and leaders will pay more attention to the progress of the project during the follow-up implementation of the project, and jointly promote the implementation of the project and the development of the biomass energy industry.

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