New Year’s speech for 2021

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        Extraordinary year of 2020 had passed,a new and hopeful year of 2021 is coming.In the past year,Debo company had conquered the effect of COVID-19,under  the  care and guidance of all the social friends,under the overall planing of the company leaders,with the effort of all the Debo staffs.We will continue to maintain a strong development,Promote the development of high valued industry development for biomass gasification comprehensively,practice the “Clean sky ,water and earth”.

In R&D,Debo company had continued leading biomass utilization industry, Sustained support from national and provincial R & D funds, The project of 《key technologies and demonstration of distributed biomass gasification fluidized bed fuel cell heat combined power generation》was supported by the national key R & D Program Fund; the 《development and engineering demonstration of distributed biomass gasification cascade energy supply and conbined charcoal production technology》, which was supported by major science and technology projects of Anhui Province, At present, the company has 7 national, provincial and ministerial level research projects, all of which are progressing smoothly. Edited and participated in the compilation of a number of industry standards.These have further improved the R&D level,and maken a strong foundation for the comopany’s advanced development  in  the  industry.

In the projects operation,with the commercial operation of Zhongji energy in Huaining and Debo Qianjin in Anguo,Debo company has 5 operating companies,continuously produce green electric power and heat power,contributing to low carbon transformation for our country.

In engineering construction,we had finished manufacturing equipment、engineering construction and projects commission in Nanyang,Henan、Anshan,Liaoning、Huaining,Anqing、Anguo,Baoding、Taizhou ect.Further enlarged the range of customers and raw material applications.We had finished manufacturing the equipment of wood chips gasification for gas combined charcoal production in the abroad market of Malaysia,had expanded the range of use of green energy equipment.

In the deep development of biochar, Anhui Debo Ecological Environment Treatment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has carried out the preliminary processing and experiments of activated carbon, capacitive carbon, silicon carbon black, soil remediation agent, water purification agent, carbon based fertilizer and other products, which has laid a good foundation for the deep utilization and industrial development of biochar.

Our company had gained so much achievement of development with the effort of all the debo staffs,meanwhile with the support of all the partners.Here,on belf of the company,I would like to thank all the Debo staffs for their hard work,meawhile ,I wish all our customers and friends who cared about the development of the company,good health!Prosperous business!Happy family!We will be together again in 2021......

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