Chairman Mr.Shoujun Zhang went to Southeast University and Nanjing University of Technology to exchange the implementation of major national projects.

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On Oct.15th, Chairman Mr.Shoujun Zhang、Vice mananger Wanbao Lu and Chengwu Zhao,went to Southeast University and Nanjing University of Technology to visit president Rui Xiao and Vice president Yuezhao Zhu. Rui Xiao, Dean of the department of energy and environment of Southeast University, gave guidance on the specific implementation plan of the government's international cooperation project «distributed biomass gasification hydrogen production fuel cell heat combined power generation supply»;Yuezhao Zhu,the vice president of Nanjing University of Technology, gave guidance on the implementation plan of the national major project "multi energy complementarity of renewable energy in Characteristic Towns -" biomass gasification power generation ".

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