the System to convert biomass to bio-oil

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1.Technical Process

After wood chips, straw and other particle are sent to furnace , heat carrier supply thermal . under the condition of isolated oxygen , the material is rapidly heated and prolysis. The reaction temperature is kept between 500 ℃and 600℃.the carbon ash is removed by cyclone . The gas passed through condenser and condensated into bio-oil (combustable brown/black liquid). The rest fuel gas is sent to combustion chamber to go on supplying thermal for heat carrier. 

1.Technical features

A. The oil production rate ≥50%,Oil CV≥4000 kcal/kg

B. The fluidity of bio-oil is good (at Normal temperature , the viscosity is 4060 mm2/S ),high density (around1.15 kg /m³).Be easy for transportation.

C. Wide acceptance of biomass . Normal agriculture waste can be used. 

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